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Address: Ayarza # 400 y Av. Eloy Alfaro - Edificio Milanesi Of: 5 A
Quito, Ecuador

Phone: (00593) 2 242-280
(00593) 99 834-3149
(00593) 99 832-7167



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Pacific Coast - Hosteria Andaluz

Located right across the sea, this magnificent and innovative “Hosteria” is built mainly of bamboo; it has a private and large beach and it is surrounded by magnificent flower and organic vegetable gardens as well as small bamboo forests.

Exploration tours to the “Machallilla” National Park, where abundant fauna similar to that of Galapagos can be found, as well as marine reserve and archaeological and cultural areas, can be organized at “Hostería Alándaluz”.

Excursions to: ”La Plata”Island”, whales watching, unpopulated shores (“Los Frailes”, “La Playita”, “Salaite”, etc.), the “Agua Blanca” pre-historic city, the “Salango” Archeological Museum, the trail to “Los Pajaros” by the “Ayampe” River, the “Cantalapiedra” Wild Life Sanctuary, etc. can also be arranged at “Alandaluz”.

It is important to highlight that “Alandaluz” has become an alternative development center through the implementation of agro-ecologic systems, bio-architecture techniques, the development of gardening and landscaping, recycling systems, the use of appropriate technologies, the management of natural areas, the recovery of craftsmanship, etc. All of these processes have generated dozens of jobs and permanent training processes.

Likewise, it constantly motivates the local development, encourages self-esteem, the reinvestment in the area by promoting the human capital and strengthening of rural communities.

During its long lasting and prolific trajectory, “Alandaluz” has demonstrated that the touristic activity combined with an ecologic, social, cultural and integral vision is both productive and sustainable.

Main Facilities

  • Beautiful beach
  • Splendid gardens
  • Sport areas in the beach
  • Vegetable organic gardens
  • Auto guided trail
  • Conference Room
  • Camping area
  • 25 weathered cabins
  • “Bamboo” Bar-Restaurant
  • Horse and bicycle rides
  • Snorkeling, diving, sports fishing, trekking, etc
  • Participation in community projects
  • Tutorship’s and volunteers programs
  • Transfers services



  • La Plata” Island
  • Whales watching
  • Un-populated shores (“Los Frailes”, “La Playita”, “Salaite”)
  • “Agua Blanca” Pre-historic City
  • “Salango” Archaeological Museum
  • “Los Pájaros” trail through the “Ayampe” River
  • “Cantalapiedra” Wildlife Sanctuary
  • “Alándaluz” has created a space where beauty, harmony, the respect to the laws of nature, the community feeling, the responsibility for the present and the future of the life on earth and the future of the new generations have encompassed.

    The strongest desire of “Alándaluz” is to build a world where human beings, animals, plants, the sky, the ocean, the earth and the horizon join in a “Passionate Embrace for Life”.


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